Frequently Asked Questions

No setup fees. You can set up your business yourself, as it's effortless, and we will help you if you need it.

They can be monthly or annual, depending on the subscription plan you choose. When the period ends, the contract gets renewed automatically, unless you request suspension 15 days before.

We will never charge commission on orders. We charge a monthly or annual flat fee, depending on the plan you choose. Full transparency, no hidden fees.

Yes, it's possible to cancel your contract at any time, providing a 15-day notice through email.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan whenever you want. Price changes will be reflected after the end of the current subscription period.

There are no transaction fees on the orders. The only transaction fee is the one from the online credit card payments. Check the pricing details of each plan for more information.

We provide integrations with delivery service providers in Kuwait, KSA, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar. We are constantly working on adding delivery partners.

If you use one of our delivery partners, your contract is directly with them. Part of the delivery cost is passed on directly to the end-customer as a delivery fee.

You can set up your account with any currency. For online payment, we currently support all GCC currencies, Euros, USD, GBP

We are available for all countries.

- Gosmarter provides you with a branded link you can connect to your website or social media accounts - You will not be charged any commissions.